Thursday, February 03, 2005 - Transcripts - Transcripts: CNN LARRY KING LIVE, America's Most Influential Evangelicals
KING: Does the Christian church care about Social Security, tax, war in Iraq?

T. LAHAYE: No. We care about moral values. And it involves that. And as much as he already said what he's going to do, we expect him to take care of Social Security.
And that's the problem, because war is very much a moral issue, because taxation is very much a moral issue, because Social Security and preparing for the future are very much moral issues. And most of us just don't get it.

In reading the transcript (thanks, Adam!), I'm struck by how gentlemanly TD Jakes comes across, and how challenging Brian McLaren's answers/questions play out in our culture today.
MCLAREN: I agree very much with what Bishop Jakes said. I'm more interested in what we owe him. And one of the things I think we as people of faith owe him is to call him to moral values, that's certainly true. But moral values including issues like making peace, moral values like really caring for the poor and seeing what we can do to make sure they have a greater share in our nation. I also think we have to ask the president to care more about the environment as God's creation. I'm very pleased to see increasing numbers of evangelicals sharing that concern. I would hope that we want to be a conscience for the president and our country, but on a number of issues.
KING: Why, Reverend LaHaye, haven't evangelicals been more outspoken about the environment?

T. LAHAYE: Because we believe that the environment was made for us. And not us for the environment...
Some people just don't get it...
KING: We're going to do more shows on this. Franklin, before we leave, how's your dad doing? How's Billy?

GRAHAM: He's doing very well and sends you his best and special regards. He loves you very much.

KING: I got a lovely letter from him. He did a crusade recently, right?

GRAHAM: He did. He was in California, and he was in Kansas City this year and he's going to be in New York next June. So, I hope you can come be with him.

KING: He's amazing.
... and others might be getting it more than we give credit.


Blogger Nikkiana said...

Interestingly I was trying to get my boyfriend to read the transcript tonight, he got as far as LaHaye's comments on the environment and said that he couldn't read any more of it.

3/2/05 10:42 PM  
Blogger Jor said...

It's funny how we can tolerate diversity except within our own family. We're sure they are wrong, they are sure they are right. Oh well.

I feel vulnerable thinking that people are going to associate me with someone speaking in the media from a "evangelical perspective". I like that there was diversity on Larry's panel. I hope people get that there's diversity amongst Christians. Keeps it real.

5/2/05 3:09 AM  

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