Sunday, January 30, 2005


Bob Walker: Throw me in the water and see if I can swim?
Larry Mann: I think you're missing the point here Bob, we're about to throw you off a cliff and see if you can fly.
[from The Big Kahuna]
The "Ice Storm Of 2005" has passed without much umph through the Midlands. It's Sunday morning, above freezing so all the ice that might've made it is now melting and streaming away. There are so many churches that have cancelled services this morning - I'm hoping some will use the opportunity to visit somewhere else, instead of taking it as a paid vacation day or something... well, I also hope some do stay home, do just enjoy the quiet and solitude, do have a Sunday morning to be intentional about their time with God and others. Maybe church at Starbucks this morning?

I met with the campus pastor last week over coffee, discussing my need to "get back in the game" and his hope to use my gifts in the vision planted here. I told him that my mind was empty - if I'd allowed myself to think of what I wanted to be doing, it would be to start a new small group somewhere, but that I didn't dwell on it much because I wanted to say "yes" to whatever I felt the Spirit calling me and my family towards. Whatever he wanted me to do was fine with me, just give me time to "count the cost" - not an excuse to say "no", mind you - and to get ready.

He laid three things on the conversational table. First, he feels like there's a need for a Sunday morning small group. "Sunday School" is a bad word for too many people, so we're not really talking about that, are we? Where some folks can't get together during the week because of geographical distances or time constraints, he'd been approached about having a bible study group that meets on Sunday since that block of time is set aside already, and folks are already at church. Would I be interested in leading this group in one of the empty theaters? No telling how big it would be, guaranteed to be eclectic in its make-up - but he felt like something in this vein would resonate with me, would float my proverbial boat.

Second, he would like to add me as a coach for small group leaders. The church system is all about small groups, and with a goal of 70%-80% of the people in small groups each week, you have to train leaders to lead and grow and love small groups. Would I be interested in helping other people learn about leadership like that, coach them, meet with their groups and give pointers? Wow. Sounds cool, too.

The third thing on the table was "web-based" - there's a need to have something, probably online, where people could connect, where vision could be cast a little more frequently. With the websites about to be re-vamped anyway, this third thing is down the road, but again, something I'd love to be able to work on with other folks.

Instead of "filling holes", he feels that the church needs to have a structure that fills its own holes - building a community that will draw people together, that will bring in people of different talents and ambitions. And he feels that our family is here to work alongside, filling these holes and whatever others open up with our particular gifts and passions.

It's really cool - and it's why I'm glad it looks like we didn't cancel service this morning. I look forward to going to church, to our church.


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