Monday, January 31, 2005

Funny In My House

We are at a point in our home where there are certain things that are funny, certain things that aren't funny, and certain things that just should not be funny. In training up our kids in the way they should go, I consider it of equal importance to pass down as sense of humor, as well as all the discipline and growing in maturity stuff. There are certain shows we don't watch on TV - they're just not funny, and the commercialism is too much to overcome by cheesiness. There are shows we do watch because sometimes they are very funny, though I still refuse to order my life around the upcoming new-never-before-seen episode of Spongebob Squarepants, knowing that I will see it for the rest of forever in marathon reruns.

But if you really want to be funny in my house, if you really wanna be the laugh-riot of the party, you've got to go to the bathroom to get your humor. With a nine-yr-old and a seven-yr-old, we are at the stage of family life where certain words are just, for whatever reason, inherently funny. Say "underwear" at the breakfast table, and you'll have two screaming kids just rolling. Or "underpants" - we don't even use "underpants", and that word is guaranteed to get a squeal. Other words that, to my chagrin, are turning our home into a hotspot for toilet humor, are "naked", "armpit", and "buttcrack". We don't say "butt", we correct the kids to say "bottom" - but "bottomcrack" probably gets a louder and funnier response because it's just awkward to say.

I know this will pass. I pray it will pass soon. Then we can get into the more intellectual humor of explaining why Monty Python is so much more enjoyable than the Fairly Oddparents.


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