Saturday, February 05, 2005

Gorgeous Outside

Well, if winter is going to go away this quickly, at least let it be this nice outside. It's 63F, sunny as you please, with just enough of a breeze to let you know you're outside. Vicki and Cammi have spent the day in Asheville visiting family, and Trace & I stayed here in town for his basketball game. He's still learning the game, and I can see that his coordination is getting better week to week - he had a rebound, and he got on the floor after a ball. That's my boy.

We got some drive-thru lunch, came home to watch some basketball, and now he's upstairs teaching the gamecube who's boss. We're going to get off the electronic media in a half hour or so, go outside and shoot some hoops after the sun goes down a bit further. He's getting really good with the ball - still a little skiddish, not knowing exactly where it's going when it bounces. But he's shooting well (needs a little more oomph), and he's dribbling and handling the ball better.

And Cam's had a good time with her mommy in the mountains, getting to visit and be the center of attention, and seeing the twins celebrate their first birthday. She's getting so big, so sure of herself with others. I'm glad the whole afternoon has gone well for them, and glad that they're on the way back down the interstate to connect with us for supper and stuff, maybe a bookstore run for coffee before all of us return home.

Not a bad day at all. Gorgeous outside.


Blogger Donna said...

Hey Rick. Glad you all had a great day.

5/2/05 6:26 PM  

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