Sunday, January 09, 2005

Sunday Morning Coffee

Good coffee, gooooooood coffee. I need this this morning, probably need this day this morning, if that makes any sense grammatically. After a week of being up-and-down mentally & spiritually, being contemplative and dwelling on so many things past & present & future, there is always a Sunday to decide to go to church, to decide to get washed up and presentable for public interaction, to decide to gather the family into the Family Truckster (couldn't help it, Vacation is on one of the cable networks this morning) and drive around town to Seacoast/Irmo.

Pastor Jeff emailed me this week, really just a few moments after I posted on missing the old small group gathering leadership thing. He said that whenever I'm ready to get back into the game, there's a spot for me to use my gifts. Wow, how encouraging that was at the time. I want to get into the leadership small group, learn "the Seacoast way", and then let things do what they'll do. So this morning, I decide to go to church, to pay attention, to meet people and shake hands and smile and say "hi" and mean it. I decide to worship God this morning, to listen and to gracefully obey.

I also decide to finish that Donald Miller book today, and to get started on Peter and the Starcatchers. I decide to watch football all afternoon, and to give our old coffeepot to a loving home. I decide to not yell at my kids, instead to tickle them into submission. I decide to have fun, dangit, and enjoy this morning no matter what. And I decide to finish this cup of coffee before taking my shower - and before pouring ths travel mugs for Vicki & I before church (ever tell you how cool it is to have church in a theater - great comfy seats with cupholders!).


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