Wednesday, January 05, 2005


First of all, you've got to know that I was up way too late last night, but it was for a good cause (and I think USC just scored on Oklahoma again). But after helping with the laundry and making chili for tonight's church potluck, I went to bed after midnight with a nasty case of reflux or something. Let's just say that the aftertaste this morning is on the burning hurting painful blehch side of bad.

This morning, while still working through my throat/reflux issues, is the first day of school for the children, so we needed to get back into the week-daily routine of shower-dress-kids-get-up-dress-make-coffee-eat-breakfast-get-out-the-door, and I'm pleased to say that we jumped back into the stream of consciousness pretty well. As much of a headache mornings can be sometimes, it's good for us to have deadlines and routine and pressure to be somewhere by a certain time. At school, at work, at the church gathering tonight - just good to have some boundaries instead of doing whatever whenever we want. At least for this family.

Nothing really profound there ( but, dang, USC just scored again - that score's gotta be so ginormous!), just feeling safe and confident and rested... and got this dang aftertaste going.


Blogger Rick said...

The Orange Bowl was on here in Thailand Wednesday morning at 8 am. I took the morning "off" to watch it with some other transplanted Sooners. We are all pretty depressed about it. We are 12 hours ahead of EST.

6/1/05 4:55 AM  

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