Sunday, December 05, 2004

Lost to "Clemzen" Again

  • The State | 12/05/2004 | Postgame: Clemson 63, USC 62 OT

    Free throws. It's all about the free throws. But at least there was some positive news from The Colonial Center at halftime:
      A brutal first half of basketball received a jolt at intermission when new South Carolina football coach Steve Spurrier was introduced... “There’s a football game going on right now in the Georgia Dome, the SEC championship,” Spurrier said. “It was always my favorite game of the year. Our goal is that some year when that game is over, everybody in garnet and black is going to be hugging and high-fiving.” - The State, 12/04
    p.s. - What's up with nobody being able to pronounce "CLEM-sun" correctly. I'm definitely not a Tiger fan, but had to listen to Barry Booker on the FoxSports announcing crew just keep talking about how "CLEM-zen" was playing as an NCAA bubble team (I get bugged about "Wimble-Ton" instead of "Wimble-Dun", too).


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