Wednesday, December 01, 2004


At small group last night, the suggestion was made to read another book starting in January. Our fearless leader said something along the lines of, "I've read it already, and I agree with about 95% of what the author wrote." I shared that I'm not a big fan of this author, but that I'm open to reading together, and that I'm curious what the 5% disagreeable parts were. She replied, "Well, I think it would be good to read something where maybe we don't all already agree. That way we can learn together, learn from each other, stretch a bit - right?"

I'm all about that.

I'm also listening to the sermon from Sunday. Guest speaker Chris Hodges makes one of his points with this statement (paraphrased): Question the acceptance of popular thinking... more than just looking for new ideas, it's about leaving behind the old bad ideas that have been holding us back.

That, too.


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