Monday, May 09, 2005

Prayer for a Friend

From a friend's email this afternoon:
I know this is going to sound like one of those "I can top that" kind of stories, but it is real life. My stepbrother was in court for his sentencing last Friday. He was sentenced to 5 years, the minimum sentence for his charges. He had already served 48 days since he as taken into custoday awaiting sentencing at some "local" jail. He was transported to some prison... to serve his sentence. I don't know what type of prison it is, but my stepmother says it is one of the worst ones he could go to. He will have a year reduced from his sentence when he completes a sex offenders program.

The clincher is that since he's been in custody, he has turned jaundiced. When that was looked into, he was diagnosed with advanced serosis (sp?) of the liver. Not good for someone incarcerated, because the state won't pay for a liver transplant for convicts, the only treatment for this condition. Right now he is taking a diuretic to drain fluid that is backing up into his stomach because his liver's not functioning properly. They will biopsy it eventually (medical treatment takes long time in prisons) which should give the docs some idea of how long he can last without a new liver. Even if he gets out in time, he has no medical insurance. It does not look good.

Please pray.....
Wow. Please pray for healing, for restoration & reconciliation, for hope to be alive... wow.


Blogger Kevin said...

Will be praying!

9/5/05 9:02 PM  

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