Tuesday, April 19, 2005

New Pope

  • CNN.com: White smoke, bells signal selection of new pope
    I sincerely wish him well, and I hope he brings a grace and kindness to the office that will continue to grow from his predecessor. I look forward to the challenge and adventures ahead - no telling what'll happen when "emergent Catholics" get into the ranks of authority.

    Best IM chat - my brother and I, watching streaming video
    me: Is he going to come out? Why isn't he coming out? [on the balcony to be announced]
    Jeff: Saw his shadow - six more weeks of heresy.
    me: heh heh - that's not right.

    Blogger Renee said...

    ROFL at the IM!LOL

    19/4/05 1:16 PM  
    Blogger jen said...

    the irony of your brother's comment: ratzinger was head of the inquisition (at least the modern incarnation of it).

    20/4/05 11:49 AM  

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