Friday, March 18, 2005

Epilogue To The Week

It's definitely been an off the hook week. Going from winter to the tropics and back again; spending time getting to know co-workers while on adventure on the before-mentioned tropical island (mostly the adventure of simply driving in San Juan!); good food, decent coffee in both places; feeling productive, a contributing member of a team there and here on the continent. I have so much on my mind and in my heart right now - it's all mush, to be honest. But it's a good mush - thoughts of love and mercy and justice that is pure and gracious. How does a "better Christianity" really play out in our world, especially our Western cultural Christian world, today? That's the kind of thing on my mind - maybe sunsets and beaches and winter storms have that effect.


Blogger Donna said...

Welcome back.

19/3/05 12:11 AM  
Anonymous Anna said...

Ooh...a beach. Can't say I've been to the beach in years. Lucky ducky.

As for spending the week with coworkers, well...not sure I envy you in that domain. I wouldn't want to spend my week with coworkers. Then again, my coworkers are all early childhood grad students, and there are only so many rousing choruses of "The Wheels on the Bus" that one can handle. Early childhood people are an intolerable-in-large-quantities group of folks! :)

Welcome back!

19/3/05 7:41 PM  

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