Thursday, December 16, 2004

Theater Thursday

I found today's meme online, and movies are right up my alley. I'll have my own best/worst of lists after Christmas, but this one will be a good starter for all that.

1) Which movie do you think was THE BEST of 2004? The worst?
Best: toss up between The Passion Of The Christ and The Incredibles - not a good year for movies
Worst: The Village - really disappointed, didn't live up to hype for me

2) If you were handing out the Oscar's this year, who would pick as Best Actor and Actress. Name the actor/actress and the film.
Jim Caviezel, The Passion - but it won't happen. The best scenes for me were Jesus looking into the eyes/hearts of people, and I thought that role was extremely well portrayed in the midst of the gore. And I'm not just saying that as a religious nut - I thought he did a wonderful job.
Bryce Dallas Howard - while The Village wasn't all that, she was the best part of the movie by far. I think she'll get lost in the Oscar hype though.

3) The category is 'best film of 2004'. There are 5 nominees. What 5 movies would be on your list.
The Incredibles
The Passion
Spanglish (I hope!)
The Perfect Score
Lemony Snicket (I hope!)

BONUS) Is there a moving coming out in the upcoming year that you're excited to see? If so, what is it?
Charlie & The Chocolate Factory


Blogger Richard said...

Oh yeah, good choices, mate! I am really hoping to scrape enough dinero together to take the kids to see Lemony Snickets.

Uhm....what is a "meme" relative to a list on the Web? I'm familiar with the term as coined by Rich Dawkins *spit, spit, spit...yuck...can't believe I said that name*. But how does it work in a tech regard. Just curious....

16/12/04 4:31 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

a "meme" tends to be someone's writing starter - like ice breaker questions you might throw out at a gathering. i've linked back to the site that posted the original questions, and there i left a comment so people can traffic back here. there are a number of sites that do something for each day of the week - i don't do many, but if i'm bored and want to post but have absolutely squat to say :) i'll find one for that day. the only other meme i try to keep up with is the photo friday (tomorrow's picture day), but i might revisit this one on movies, too.

hth :)

16/12/04 4:43 PM  
Blogger misty said...

Great answers. Thanks so much for playing Theater Thursday.

17/12/04 10:20 AM  

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