Saturday, December 18, 2004

Holiday Saturday

Isn't it inconceivable to think that Christmas is just one week away? I've still got to work this week, but Vicki & the kids are off, and I can only imagine the frivolity and adventure that will ensue. We're staying relatively busy today, with a good many things on my rambling mind:

  • Lemony Snickets: A Series Of Unfortunate Events - Wonderful film. There is no happy ending, and the rather bland and grey world will do little to remove any holiday blah you might be experiencing. But it's really a well-produced adventure, and I'm looking forward to getting into the books. Both of our kids were into the story, and that speaks volumes for something that I thought would be (1) scary and/or (2) boring for them. What did I like? I think I like the thought, planted in the form of story, that not everything works out, the there are "unfortunate events" that can turn our worlds upside down without notice. Real life works more like this: bad things happen, and you find joy together, somehow, anyway, as you work together to move through to what might possibly the next bad crisis thing. It's the "together" part is huge rather than the circumstance - can't you tell? Jim Carrey was perfectly devilish, and the kids were brilliant, too.

  • Christmas Cards - Everyone must've had the same idea: send the holiday cards on Friday 12/17. We received some wonderful cards this afternoon, highlighted creatively by LeDayne & Tom's Yearly Top Ten List (Vicki enjoyed the story of their vacation evacuation with Hurricane Alex) and by James' and Caryn's photo of their daughter coloring an angel (Hallmark needs you desperately). It's really really good to open the mailbox and get cards from our friends, old & new - hopeful bridges from where we've been to where we're going together (there's that "together" thing again - notice?).

  • Basketball Practice - We've got to work on "under the basket!" and "keep your arms up!" if Tbird is ever going to be a lottery pick. He's having fun, growing so tall, and learning that natural coordination and talent are hard work.

  • Starbucks - I picked up my brother for a Starbucks run this morning. I love the smell of fresh macchiato in the morning. I also enjoyed the very very quiet & peaceful time I had this morning at home (waking up at 6pm after falling asleep in the living room chair last night at 10pm) and then for a little time waiting on my brother. Reading time, XM time - and then a macch, too? Sweet.

  • Got an email from a friend who knew I'd be impressed. Thanks, Carlos - this is perfect. Again, sweet.


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