Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Who Defines "Reality"?

Just something I'm thinking about today. I'll be attending our small group this evening, so I'm going back over last week's notes this morning. One of the questions was: "Read Genesis 1:1-27 - How do you see God creating order out of chaos in the account of creation? What do you learn about the character of God in this passage?" (Getting A Grip, Bill Hybels).

I don't recall the discussion over that question last week, but my thoughts are full this morning: in the Creation, God defined reality. Or, He redefined reality - whichever the case might be. By putting things in proper order and in proper perspective, He determined and decided what this reality would be, how it would work, and its ultimate end and destiny. Same thing happens on a much smaller, much less glorious scale in "reality TV", where the cameras catch snippets of moments on film and the producers get to arrange and rearrange "reality" to suit their whims and build ratings. God took the chaos of the before-time moment, and spoke reality as He wanted it to be into existence.

It appears that the nature of God is to bring intentional direction to what previously had no direction, to start something that wasn't even moving before, to push with purpose a system that was useless and undefined before He walks into the space surrounding. That's the God we seek, and my chaos is nothing compared to what He has planned and foreseen through it. He's not surprised, nor is He doubtful of the outcome - He already knows, and He's already prepping me to move in the way that will most suit His reality, His intentions. That's incredible, isn't it? God not only cares, but He's doing something about it towards some good and perfect and glorious outcome.

If our view of reality is chaos, or if our perspective if a wreck from our mistakes, the hurts and betrayals of life - then we need Him to redefine reality again. We've got to let go of anything we discover is wrong, and grab on tightly to what's right - no matter the pain or cost. He defines and molds and reinforces "reality" - and He alone is capable of making it worth being real.

P.S. - In related reality, it's baby-day (soon, hopefully - update anyone?!?) for Statedog.com. Show 'em some love, and send Huggies.


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