Sunday, November 14, 2004

"Damascus Moment"

This morning's message at church, continuing a theme on "thankfulness", was about how to respond to life's "Damascus Moment". In Acts 9, Paul has one such moment on the way to, well, Damascus. He's doing the best he knows, serving God and ministering as he's been trained - even if that "training" and "mentoring" is in pursuing and killing the band of rebels that were falling in line with the Jesus-followers. When God knocks him off his horse, it's to tell Paul that he's been wrong - that what he's learned about the Father and the meaning of life has been a sham, and that there is a much better Way.

Sometimes, if I close my eyes really hard, I can be Paul, falling on my hiney, hearing that I've gotten wrong to this point, and that there's a better Way. With my eyes closed that hard, I'm not starting churches. I'm not writing the New Testament. But I am on my bottom, and I am learning a new Way. I'm prayerful that God is not through with me yet, that His Way is higher and more sure than where we've to this point, and that He is not only orchestrating His purposes in His sovereignty, but that He's also preparing me and equipping me to participate in that grand adventure. All that, sitting on my butt, knocked off my horse - not heading to Damascus anymore.

How does "thankfulness" fit into this? I am thankful for my Damascus Moment. Just now, not knowing what's coming, I am thankful that Jesus cared enough to show up, knock me off my pride, and rearrange my future. That's pretty cool... if I shut my eyes real hard.


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