Sunday, November 28, 2004


Let me start this post by saying that I've pretty much always enjoyed Sundays. At the same time, they've never really been a "sabbath", a day of rest, for me. For the past few years, we've been busy with church - setting-up and teaching and making copies and prepping and doing powerpoint and serving and whatever else the job description covered. Granted that Sunday afternoons have been pretty clear and easy with no evening services for the same amount of time. But I've just never really given thought to Sundays being that overall day of rest that replaced Saturday on the Christian calendar.

Today, for the most part, has been a restful day. We woke up this morning feeling blaah physically - my throat was dry, full of cotton, and my wife is dealing with cramping and body aches. We decided to stay in today, not go to church, and rest up for the return to work and school tomorrow. We actually had "church" in our living room - we took the time to "teach" from 1 Corinthians 13, talking with the kids about what real love looks like, how we display it in our motives and actions. Very nice discussion - it's wonderfully fun listening to a 7-yr-old read the word of God.

We did a light housecleaning and headed to my folks' house for lunch. Again, just restful - finishing up leftovers, watching some football, cracking on my brother. Afterwards, a little more housecleaning and I worked in the front yard a bit - getting ready for some friends to stop by on their way home to Georgia. Bert & Christie (hope I'm spelling the right - you never know with these multi-dialect names) were a blast, bringing their boys in for a pitstop on the way back home.

All that... and snowmen are taking over in the living room. It's beginning to look alot like an invasion. In a good way.


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