Saturday, November 27, 2004

Wonderful Time Of The Year

  • - Couple points Grinchly finger at neighbors - Nov 26, 2004
    That's right, boys and girls. When someone gets offended at you or your Christmas lawn displays, it's okay to get offended at them in return, and then it's considered an honor to offend them again, this time in a much more pointed (pun intended) and degrading way.

  • The State | 11/27/2004 | "This is more about the event than the savings ..." — a shopping adventure on both sides of the counter
    I'm not real big on shopping the day after Thanksgiving, but waiting 'til that last day before Christmas has become a tradition for me. Walking into a mall on Christmas Eve, having all the sales girls at Bath & Body Works feel pity on you for waiting so long, or getting better service at Handpicked because they know it's almost over and the sales staff is feeling the much better from their store party still going on in the back of the shop.


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