Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Family Night

Since we hung out with old buddies last night - and I mean "old" in the best possible way, honest - and since the kids hung out with Grandma & Grampa while we went to play, tonight we decided to get two extra tickets for the ballgame and bring them along. USC vs. Winthrop, with one of Vicki's former students on the opposing team's starting line-up. It was our daughter's first basketball game: I was hoping the pomp and video and music and cheerleaders and Cocky would keep her interested enough so we could watch the game. She was very good, enjoying all that and the Dippin Dots, too. And for our 9-yr-old son, this was old news - he starts his second year of rec center b-ball next week. Anyway, we had a really good time - and the Gamecocks won, 62-52. Sweet.


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