Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Sleepless In SC

Well, I hope everyone is settled down and at least moving forward through this day. Last night was just plain nutty. I think our daughter fell asleep okay - let her stay up a little later to see something on television, then off to bed where she falls asleep just like me: hitting the pillow and snoring.

Our son, on the other hand, "gets bored" and is often unable to sleep. Usually this means that he'll fall asleep by 10:30pm or so, but not last night. We were still getting some things together for today (last day @ school before Thanksgiving holiday, tonight's dinner party with friends), so Vicki and I were moving pretty late. I found a video form high school that we need to take over tonight, and when I put it in to make sure the tape would still play - here comes the boy, still awake, "I just need to go to the bathroom", looking like he's tired and sleepy but that he'd not been to sleep just yet.

He came out of the restroom and I let him watch a few of the clips on the video, hoping that might calm him, center him, knock him out. I don't think it worked. Vicki said she found him still reading after midnight, and this morning we're not even sure he slept at all. I'm "on call" from the school - if buddy-ro can't participate or gets out of sorts for drowsiness, I'll be trekking back across town to get him and put him down for a wee bit of a nap. Ya think?

Meanwhile, we'll also be doing things this extended weekend to help him sleep on his own. I'm thinking Lawrence Welk reruns and Teletubbies videos. Or maybe just warm milk and me reading a good book in my slow and steady monotone voice that works with Vicki every time. I have a tough time empathizing, because I'm usually asleep before fully settling into the pillow. But he'll need some training in this area.

Conversational highlight on this matter:
SON: Dad, I had trouble sleeping because of your snoring.
ME: Don't know what you mean - I slept right through it.


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