Saturday, November 20, 2004

Saturday Plans

It's time for THE GAME.

[todd bennett, the state]

South Carolina at Clemson, 12noon. Beating the Tigers would be really sweet: better bowl bid, send Coach Holtz out with a win, get the program looking that much more positive towards the future with incoming Coach Steve Spurrier.

Ten minutes to gametime. Just PLAY this year, alright?!?

UPDATE, Post-Game: ... or not.
Clemson 29, USC 7 - and Lou Holtz is still a great, flying coach.

[Saturday, Nov. 20, 2004, at Memorial Stadium in Clemson, S.C.
(AP Photo/Mary Ann Chastain)]


Blogger Bert said...

Seven out of eight with no end in sight, even with Spurrier! The brawl left a bad mark on the game and our state. It made NBC News for goodness sake!

20/11/04 8:52 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

embarrassing. anyone seen throwing punches and running around should be tossed. suspension should be first course, and expulsion shouldn't be held off the table. i wouldn't be surprised to see USC kids kicked off the team this next week.

21/11/04 12:52 PM  

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