Saturday, August 28, 2004

Pre-Trip Schtuff

My daughter... this can't be good [PhotoFriday: Modern contribution].

I'm feeling a bit better today, getting over the nasty three-week-long cold I've been dealing with, just in time for my flight/s to PR tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it - getting over it, coming back next week, missing the hurricane in the process - all that. Today's pretty full, but I think we'll have a decent amount of downtime to vegg out and get some extra rest. Oh yeah - and pack.

We're going to a friend's wedding tonight. He's been through quite a bit in the past two years - found out his wife had been cheating on him, that she was tired of trying to make it work, that all he'd done as "a good devoted husband" wasn't enough to be worthwhile. Honestly, it's her loss - he gave his life for her, but evidently she wasn't willing to give that much back to make it work. Marriage is hard - but it should be. On the other hand, it can't be all that hard if there are people able to actually love each other for decades... or for over thirteen wonderful years in this family.

I trust that he's making the right decision for him now. His fiance sounds like a wonderful woman, and they'll both be bringing the "stuff of life" to the ceremony today. They'll need prayer and each other, and God will grace their lives in His provision and love.

Meanwhile, I'll be packing, getting an extra afternoon nap perhaps, and making sure this daughter-on-the-phone of thing doesn't get out of hand.


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