Friday, June 10, 2005

Manly Man

"Put most bluntly, I believe that God means for a man to be civilized, directed, and stimulated toward marital faithfulness by the fact that his wife will freely give herself to him sexually only when he presents himself as worthy of her attention and desire."
- Dr. Al Mohler - "Pornography and the Integrity of Marriage, Part Two", June 9, 2005
There's much in what Dr. Mohler writes that strikes me a bit off-kilter - mostly from the phrasing and dogmatism (even in this excerpted post). But this statement jumped off the page and smacked me with a question and a challenge: Am I living life in such a way that my wife considers me "worthy of her attention and desire"?


Blogger Nikkiana said...

The first thought that crossed my mind when I read that quote was, "Well, what if he does present himself worthy of her desire and attention and she still doesn't want to have sex with him? What then?"

Obviously not view porn... but why isn't the fact that lot of married Christian women think sex is something dirty and awful that they're required to do being addressed?

Not to belittle your challenge, striving to be worthy of your wife's attention and desire is a good thing to strive for...

It just seemed like the quote was subtly saying, "It's all your fault she doesn't want to sleep with you, you unattractive dolt! Clean up your act!" Unforutnately, I think many men are/will be dissapointed when they do clean up their act and find that their wife still has no interest.

There's a lot more to the issue...

10/6/05 10:35 AM  
Blogger Rick said...

thanks, nikkiana - you're right, there's more to it than this one sentence. when i first saw this whole article i wanted to rip it. i think it's way too narrow, and actually belittles the marriage relationship by setting it way too low on the scale. but then that phrase and that sentiment popped out at me, and i had to stop tearing it down to deal with me :). i think i do okay, but at the same time i want to be more intentional, more woo-ful, more resourceful in all of life so that it will please my wife and she'll know even more that she's loved. there's a whole lot in that dynamic, just one little aspect here that i wanted to run with for a bit.

10/6/05 10:45 AM  

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