Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Morning Meeting

Actually got up on time this morning, getting a shower and even making coffee before snapping a photo of my snaggle-toothed child and driving to this morning's meeting. Getting involved with a new group of guys, reading Eldredge's Wild At Heart together - I'm looking forward to the experience, mostly getting to know some new folks from church. The honey wheat bagel and grande caramel macchiato do not hurt, by the way, as we all congregate at Atlanta Bread Co. this morning. I'll update after - right now, guys are settling in and the coffee's flowing.

Post-Meeting Update: Here's the text I just emailed to Pastor Jeff - "Thanks for this morning. I'm the guy who's going in thinking, 'I don't need this - I've dealt with this', and am looking to get shot down at any moment! I'm not a big Eldredge fan, and I will be disagreeing in spots - but I look forward to the spaces where I know he hits home, and where the guys around the table will speak to me more than the pages of the book."


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