Thursday, April 21, 2005

Returned Calls

I was getting a bit frustrated earlier, thinking of leaving messages over the past few days, not getting any return emails or phone calls or voice mails. Nothing, and it was beginning to weigh heavy on me - not angry, but definitely self-pitiful. But when I got back to my desk from a trip downstairs for some lunch, there was a reply.

Someone wrote back. Wow.

Wrecking relationships is bad & hurtful enough, and feeling like I'm being forgotten and ignored in the aftermath is hard. But just one reply - and it's honestly made my day. I really appreciate it - not in a sappy sentimental, "you love me! you really love me!" kind of way, but honestly appreciating that there's enough still there to take the time. On top of that, it was from the heart and meaningful/thoughtful, not just a terse yes or no, and again, I really appreciate that.

Now, how to reply...?


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