Friday, March 25, 2005

Professionalism, Good Friday

Next-Wave has launched a podcast service - publishing MP3s on the web to be downloaded for later. Really cool - and the opening conversation has to do with "professionalism" in the church and how it might be detracting from our effectiveness as salt and light.

I have been thinking deeply the past few days about the death and resurrection of Christ, the kangaroo court, the opportunities for people to do the right thing and then not, the disciples leaving and being so discouraged, frightened - and Jesus, suffering and bleeding and feeling every blow, and going through the whole exprience anyway. I'm at such a loss to get into the shoes of the people involved. I'm appalled that I would ever hope to say "I understand", because I don't. And yet His love is still real and still pursuing my life. That's just nuts.


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