Sunday, March 20, 2005

Needing Each Other

[as they are dangling from under the road way, after Left Ear's gotten all the explosives in place, and is about to insert the detonater]
Left Ear: Just give me a minute.
Charlie Croker: [impatiently] NOW?
Left Ear: I'm about to insert this detonator tube, and if the brass touches the sides, you and I will be the last people each of us will see.
Charlie Croker: Take all the time you need.
Left Ear: [after a pause] Hey, Charlie?
Charlie Croker: What?
Left Ear: I love you, man.
Charlie Croker: I love you too.
We are people who need people, finding ourselves and finding truth and finding meaning in community together. Just found this sequence from The Italian Job, and I'm just really glad that there are people around us who are there in the easy times and in the times when we're about to blow everything up.

Good time this morning getting to meet a couple at church. They have gone through a different but similar journey to find themselves at this point in the journey, and it was nice to just sit there in Theater 14 (right now, it's playing Be Cool - how cool is that?) and get to share and reflect on how truly awesome and good Jesus is in our lives.

Looking forward to next week - 9am Q & A in Theater 14, and TWO SERVICES at 9am and 10:30am - celbrating Easter and a risen and reconciling and victorious Savior. Come on out if you don't have plans. Love to have you in the house - together, with us.


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