Sunday, January 16, 2005

Reading Hangover

I'm a fairly slow reader, at least in my house, especially when compared to my wife and possibly to my 7-yr-old son (the only comparison I have is that it took Trace about a day to read the first Lemony Snicket book, and it took Vicki about an hour and a half to read that same book the night it was freed up). I think it's because they both focus in so much tighter on the story/pages at hand. But I do read alot, knowing it'll just take me longer, knowing that if I get into a good book I'll be up even that much longer reading 'til I can't hold my eyes open anymore. Mostly, I'll catch thirty minutes to an hour sometime through the day, and I'll make time if it's a really good, challenging book - but it'll take me awhile because I rarely get those big chunks of time to read, and just read.

That's what happened last night. I'm about two-thirds through Peter & the Starcatchers, and it took me 'til about 1:30am to get that far. Now I've got kind of a reading hangover - my eyes hurt, and my neck hurts with a tension kind of feeling from staying up too late and then sleeping too hard. But I'll finish that book today, dadgummit, and I'll move on to the other ten or so books on my nightstand that are crying out for attention. I like this book (probably won't post a full "review" of it), and hope that it'll grab my son's attention after I'm done. I know already that my wife will pick it up and put it down in a weekend when she finally gets some free time.


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