Thursday, December 09, 2004

Vitamin C

I don't normally bother with getting a flu shot, but I did think about it more this year with the shortage of shots in this country. So I actually thought I would do a good job, starting last week, of getting more vitamin C. We got one of those huge fundraising boxes of tangelos. I took a basket to work (I think there's another basketful to take with me this morning), and I've been eating them at a pretty good clip. I've also been getting OJ instead of Diet Coke in the machine at work. So I've been doing a fair job of making sure my body is getting more illness-combatting vitamin C.

And then I got a cold. Sometime Sunday morning, just a scratchy throat and puffy eyes, and now a cough that's been annoying all week. I don't understand. Sure the weather is funky - got to 75F yesterday, only 60F today - but this cold bug that's always "going around" should've been nipped by the citrus, I hoped.

UPDATE 2:36pm - Well, it's 75F, not 60F, and wearing a sweatshirt today was a bad idea. Cough cough cough.


Blogger Mark said...

You know, I've found that Vitamin C doesn't seem to keep colds away or help them go away any faster. I'm sure it helps, but it's not the wonder drug it's advertised to be.

Hope you feel better soon.

9/12/04 12:44 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

"but it's not the wonder drug it's advertised to be." - evidently not :). feeling better, but still coughing too much. then again, it's dry and humid in the bldg today, so that's not helping either.


9/12/04 1:00 PM  

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