Friday, December 24, 2004

Bum Rap For Santa

  • - 'Santa saturation' in Lapland? - Dec 24, 2004
    The problem is that Santa, just like everything else in our capitalistic and materialistic culture, has been co-opted by travel agencies and advertising firms. Yes, Christmas is about Jesus and His life and death and resurrection and the model of kingdom-living He came to reveal. But it's also too often about merchandising and brand placement.

    I'd like to see Santa be given more of a place of honor, as someone who gives of himself with no real call for attention but who's instead focused on the smiles and gratitude of his gifts' recipients. I'd like for Jesus to be the main reason for the fun and family and friends gathering right now. I'd like to see giving, not the attached buying, be the focal point of celebrating Jesus' entry into history. Is that too much to ask for Christmas?

    And an iPod.


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