Friday, February 11, 2005

Best Show On TV

... Extreme Makeover and their sponsors not only built them a home equipped with all the latest and greatest, but included a beautiful section in the back of the house with its own entrance, two bedrooms and two bathrooms to be used as the bed and breakfast. But that’s not all, the contractor’s company donated money to the mom to pay off her existing mortgage on the burned-out home. And they worked with some other businesses and individuals in the community to raise more than $70,000. They presented the mom with the check to be used as the girls’ college fund. Just incredible—and this is from a secular station!

During a break in the program, I surfed to see what else was on. In Tulsa, Okla., where I live, a Christian station is right next to the ABC affiliate. Well, it just happened to be “fund-raising” time on this Christian network. So I watched in disbelief while a couple of “hired guns” proceeded to try to convince me that I ought to give my money to them/the network. They went on and on about how I would be blessed beyond measure if I could just turn loose of some coin and send it their way.

OK. What’s wrong with this picture?


Blogger Nakia said...

Crazy isn't it. How Christians can be so ridiculous at times. At which point did our purpose get lost, I wonder.

There's a website we were discussing on another blog... another example of the absurdity out there.

11/2/05 5:24 PM  
Blogger Nakia said...

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11/2/05 5:25 PM  

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